Month: July 2013

A gripping list of verbs ending in ING, present tense

abiding accelerating accepting accomplishing achieving acquiring acceding activating adapting adding addressing administering admiring admitting adopting advising affording agreeing alerting alighting allowing altering amusing analyzing announcing annoying answering anticipating apologizing appearing applauding applauding appointing appraising appreciating approving arbitrating arguing arising arranging arresting arriving ascertaining asking assembling assessing assisting assuring attaching attacking attaining attempting attending attracting auditing

Thousands of high-level adjectives

sullen dutiful excited naughty dark-gray handsewn handwritten happy-go-lucky Hawaiian honest-to-god honest-to-goodness high-level high-powered high-priced head-on healthful heart-healthy heart-shaped heartbroken heartfelt heartsick heated up hardheaded harmless hairless hairy half-crazed half-dozen half-size hallucinating hallucinogenic grim guilt-ridden gullible gritty grizzly groggy groping groveling revolting spontaneous fanciful closed-circuit bumpy distinct hissing old-fashioned muddy evasive factory-made lovable caught up shaky

40 confused randomly generated sentences

1 The rich comfortable giraffe happily assessed the boiling plot. 2 The spooky courageous rings exactly expanded the sparkling worm. 3 The brave clear seed tightly provided the quaint church. 4 The horrible worried scarecrow reluctantly hugged the sparkling metal. 5 The confused bloody marble obnoxiously glowed the magnificent company. 6 The bored green committee

Great list of funny nouns for madlibs

naughty saplings startling seaboard kind joviality frantic abloom envious herbage cute campfire cool holiday sloppy garden bizarre gala easy timber sleepy merrymaking cruel sapling snooping vivacity lonely festival bumpy merriment ill blessedness comfortable plants loving shrubs magnificent exhilaration witty cheerfulness itchy flowers eager monster cruel full moon dizzy mummy worrisome devil incarnate precious screams hurt

A wild list of random earth creatures

aardvark abalone African gray parrot African penguin African elephant African rock python African wild cat albatross algae agouti airedale terrier Alaskan malamute alligator alpaca amoeba American bison American cocker spaniel American crocodile American flamingo American golden plover American Robin American tree sparrow amphibian anaconda angelfish angelshark animal anole ant anteater antelope Apatosaurus ape aphid arachnid

A nervously frantic list of Adverbs

tightly joyously more shyly unaccountably frantically dreamily evenly enormously loudly joyfully quaintly afterwards eventually nervously truthfully fortunately daily poorly frightfully equally less annually officially acidly wildly dimly readily weakly fiercely quietly perfectly judgmentally regularly gently madly knowledgeably scarily helpfully enormously never mostly gladly greatly frightfully woefully irritably fortunately ultimately noisily honestly utterly heavily extremely enthusiastically

A hellfire word list of 1,500 nouns sorted by length

1. international law enforcement agency 2. obsessive-compulsive disorder 3. animal psychology department 4. vehicular traffic of the ear 5. depersonalization disorder 6. hellfire raising preacher 7. unilateral quark decision 8. external maxillary artery 9. primitive Baptist church 10. national security agency 11. vanquisher of everything 12. shivering pink toenails 13. diplomatic negotiations 14. sewing-machine operator

Enormous list of interjections for plucky squirting cucumbers

a-ha aarg absolutely adios ahem ahh ahoy alack all hail all hands on deck all systems go alley oop allrighty chewie on ya boot chop-chop chuck you Farley cock-a-doodle-doo cockshit come off it come on come on down cootchie-cootchie-coo cor blimey correctamundo couis cowabunga crap crap on a stick crappity crazysauce crikey crimony cripes crivens

A hairy list of annoying adjectives

adorable adventurous afraid aggressive agreeable alarming alert alien angry annoying anxious arrogant ashamed attractive average awful bad beautiful better bewildered bizarre black bloodcurdling bloody blue blue-eyed blushing boiling bored brainy brave breakable breeze bright broken bumpy busy calm candy careful carved cautious charming cheerful chilling chilly clean clear clever cloudy clumsy cold colorful combative comfortable

Companionable words that describe people

acquaintance admirer adolescent adult adversary ally amigo ancestor angel antagonist anybody anyone apparition associate baby backer beau benefactor best friend boy boyfriend bride bridegroom brother bud buddy champion character cherub child children chum citizen clan classmate cohort collaborator colleague combatant compadre companion comrade confederate confidant contact coworker crew crony customer descendant doppelgänger dude employee enemy

My first list of randomly generated sentences

1. Our splendid distribution fast displayed the ugliest shake. 2. The enchanting mountain innocently developed the flaky blow. 3. The adorable ship very stood the dusty operation. 4. Their delightful rose rapidly crept the broken park. 5. Her wet guitar regularly interlaced the dry throat. 6. The cold paper irritably became the wide-eyed drain. 7.