Great list of funny nouns for madlibs

naughty saplings
startling seaboard
kind joviality
frantic abloom
envious herbage
cute campfire
cool holiday
sloppy garden
bizarre gala
easy timber
sleepy merrymaking
cruel sapling
snooping vivacity
lonely festival
bumpy merriment
ill blessedness
comfortable plants
loving shrubs
magnificent exhilaration
witty cheerfulness
itchy flowers
eager monster
cruel full moon
dizzy mummy
worrisome devil incarnate
precious screams
hurt scary story
bumpy pumpkin
scary headless horseman
sloppy skulls
crowded fantasy
sloppy horror
blue-eyed creature
dark specter
idiotic moonlight
haunted doom
happy nightmare
joyous threat
friendly eye of newt
fine brains
sparkling occult
hurt worms
tired haunted house
orange goblin
black witch
furry bonfire
sleepy fright
jealous werewolf
hungry noose
tense well-being