Month: August 2013

Long list of imposing and thought-provoking adjectives

abdominovesical aberrant abhorrent abkhazian abloom abolitionary abortive aboveboard abreast abrupt absorbefacient absorbing abused abuzz abysmal acanthous acaulescent accessible accessory accomplishable acculturative accusing accusive accustomed acerb acetabular acetous achenial achondroplastic achromatic achy acidulent aciduric acknowledged acneiform acquirable acquisitive acquitted acritical acrogenic acroscopic actable actinal actinoid activated actual ad hominem ad-lib adamant adaptative adept adequate adequate to

A dreadful list of Halloween adjectives

Cruel Grumpy Vast Scattered Painful Filthy Disappointed Dreadful Snooping Orange Annoyed Unnerving Excited Gruesome Unearthly Thankful Stinky Enchanting Wrong Sleepy Dark Terrible Disgusted Jittery Dangerous Scary Damaged Fierce Nasty Gory Arrogant Ghastly Frail Alarming Nervous Green Dirty Confused Black Bewildered Wet Lonely Tired Combative Cold Sloppy Homely Weird Smoggy Weary Muddy Make-believe Eerie Panicky Purple

An unearthly list of past tense verbs

arose awoke bore beat became began bent crept dragged glided inched lingered lurched swarmed swore flipped-off laid down ran around lurked scampered pooped smelled shouted at moused plodded prowled pussyfooted snaked slacked slid slinked slither pounded chased hopped off loved licked ate munched sluggish sneaked snooped snuck tampered tip-toed wormed bet bit bled blew broke

Huge word list of Verbs ending in ‘ed’

abased abated abducted abjured abraded abreacted absconded absented abutted abled acceded accelerated accented accentuated acclimatized accompanied accrued accursed accustomed ached acid-washed actioned actualized ad-libbed adapted added addicted addled adjourned adjusted administrated admired admixed adulated adventured aerosolized affected affrighted agonized aggregated aggrieved agitated air-conditioned air-freighted air-slaked airbrushed airmailed alienated alighted alkalinized alkalized alligatored alluded aluminized amalgamated