Month: December 2014

The funniest list of nouns for mad libs on Earth

positive feedback mermaid egg mad cow disease nine states observation tower mental disorder kind and gentle folk boiling water drug addict suggestion party of the first part towelette beauty queen shivering toes wiley coyote legal warrant sheep dip planetary house multi-billionaire indestructible empire wiener sealed off tomb deer antler pervert pile of decomposition self-sacrifice dentist’s

Amazing list of 1000 nouns, no repeats

government sweat shop chronic bronchitis raspberry bush cubbyhole broken printer totem pole locker room sexist father skull and crossbones bad temper creature boiling water natural childbirth diehard mailbox sheet vodka colored audition shamanism cream soda rate banana fear smell reaction size division computer chicken girl grandfather guardsman hose ice cream bubble bare bottom aspen pine

Profound list of 1000 adjectives, no repeats

strange terrible chainlike convivial fan-leafed affordable popular fabulous irritating shiny comforted wonderful skillful average exceptionable arrogant lazy biting wasteful respectful gorgeous vicious ferocious good-for-nothing loving cheery orange illogical stoic vast cloven-hoofed course childlike splendid hushed soulful persnickety soft all-devouring black well-behaved comfortless great furry crease-resistant reclusive artificial persistent slight closed in crushing scary certifiable lithe

1505 action verbs ending in ‘ING’

watering cataloging hunting wanting holding taping integrating worrying loving spending fitting bating risking normalizing restructuring costing programming touching towing altering marketing yelling crushing beholding agreeing fencing sparkling wiping sparking slaying copying melting appraising complaining leading telling crashing subtracting normalizing grabbing wrecking thanking forming answering overhearing wriggling ringing admitting bruising making pumping melting bumping dragging consisting

1505 prepositions with repeats

from above to amid despite excepting through behind on along through with down beside through opposite following unlike considering following amid in next into excepting from beside in amid by despite next concerning concerning up beyond amid around without along to for following towards excluding under with besides out over during between on toward against

Mega-huge list of adverbs sorted by length

badly coyly daily dimly dryly duely dully first forth fully gaily hotly icily laxly lower lowly madly nobly oddly often paler right sadly shyly slyly still truly twice wanly wetly wryly rarely hourly openly aboard abroad acidly agedly airily almost always anyhow anyway archly aridly around avidly awedly awhile baldly barely basely before better bodily

List of 1505 random nouns

coast car loan polka dot sticks stretch banjo republic of tunisia goldfish form goose prose chickens latex face library circle guitar kittens worm kiss slope carrot people waste skull and crossbones cannon boat rings bad tempered nun laura shape antechamber furniture frame unit of unholy depth normal distribution window sphere of influence parcel tire iron

Funny adjective/noun combos for empowering sock gnomes

sullen fairy lantern dutiful governing body excited horn naughty hippopotamus adaptable history adventurous hobbies affable laborer affectionate lace agreeable ladybug alert lake alluring lamb amazed lamp ambitious lan amiable land amicable landmine amused language amusing larch animated lasagna appreciative latency attracted latex attractive lathe beautiful laugh believing laundry better laura bold law boundless lawyer brave

An agreeable list of positive adjectives

agreeable amazed animated appreciative attracted attractive beautiful believing better bold brave sudden spontaneous irresistible warming gasping sparking sizzling flowing eye-rolling empowering communion fusion calm cheerful clean clever delightful devoted eager empowered engrossed enlightened excited faith festive fortunate free fresh gentle gorgeous great handsome happy hope intelligent intent involved jolly joyful kind liking loving lucky lusting

Ten insane randomly generated silly sentences

The six-gilled shark smoothly slid underneath Japanese contradictoriness. The eskimo dog politely screeched at the critical chemical plant. The tea cosy eventually wobbled onto the ministerial legal document. The artillery range harnessed time in the structural blink of an eye. The element 114 assessed under the welsh onionskin. The unicorn shakily croaked under the communist

A ridiculously funny list of nouns

sweet tailpipe exorcism double fault locker room bare bottom aspirin powder knight’s service electric furnace gothic romance toast short-haired idiot travel guidebook salad physics lab consumer glitter character witness boiling water slacker flyleaf trickle trails tomato concentrate general knowledge festival of lights perverted photography book of smut pillow aunt pole dancer platinum blonde jailbreak bronco

A noisy Onomatopoeia word list

Onomatopoeia is word that mimics the sound of the object or action it refers to. achoo ahem argh bam bang bark bash bawl beep belch blab blare blurt boing boink bong bonk boo boo-hoo boom bow-wow brring bubble bump burp buzz cackle chatter cheep chirp chomp choo-choo chortle clack clang clank clap clash clatter click

A gritty list of prepositions

about above across after against along amid among anti around as at before behind below beneath beside besides between beyond but by concerning considering despite down during except excepting excluding following for from in inside into like minus near next of off on onto opposite out outside over past per plus regarding round save since

An abysmal list of belligerent words

abysmal adverse alarming angry annoy anxious apathy appalling atrocious awful bad banal barbed belligerent bemoan beneath boring broken callous can’t clumsy coarse cold cold-hearted collapse confused contradictory contrary corrosive corrupt crazy creepy criminal cruel cry cutting dead decaying damage damaging dastardly deplorable depressed deprived deformed deny despicable detrimental dirty disease disgusting disheveled dishonest dishonorable dismal

Long list of over 1000 simple verbs

watch counter snicker strip stammer inform spoke educate tie own shampoo damage conduct swoop simplify scribble wander barter do carry row comment correspond sneer enjoy bathe hinder scoot wobble enhance deserve contend excuse sow shave discriminate print augment record enchant distinguish happen extoll draw dote memorize vote emigrate strategize perceive exist generate broil stash berate

A plentiful list of conjunctions

after although and as soon as in as much as as well as just as as long as as as far as because before but in case for no matter how how as if even if if only if lest nor once if only or since so than in order that that so that supposing

A superb list of pronouns

anything all another any anybody anyone anything both each either everybody everyone everything few he her hers herself him himself his I it its itself many me mine more most much my myself neither no one nobody none nothing one other others our ours ourselves several she some somebody someone something that their theirs them

A magnificent list of nouns

account book account executive active matrix screen administrative hearing admiralty islands admission love grass african yellowwood aunt almond-leaves willow amish sect animal psychology department annihilation antechamber anteroom anti-takeover building antidepressant drug drug addict apostrophe Artillery range Bird brain arterial blood vessel article of furniture ascending artery shamanism asiatic aspen pine aspirin powder atlantic sailfish atlas

NSFW Adult Only Smutty word list for writing erotica

excess drift soar elegant contours silky indelicate freeing thrust electric sink dance Climax exert coil carry gasp flutter spring playful revolve rove ardent explode coax linger manhood eager engulf amatory mounds scorching wound massage frisson manly thrill peak tingling feeling drew/draw lunge exotic transport whirl urge insinuate meld fluid enter soughed Sight taste cock wrought