Month: September 2017

A fierce list of angry adjectives

atrocious dull narrow-minded horrible untruthful underhanded irrational shady weird disgusting hateful unforgiving saddened deceiving backstabbing complicated emotional moody f’ed up psycho unthoughtful naughty cold grouchy disturbed dumb dimwitted pissed off deplorable maniacal pointless flawed crazy inadequate vengeful out-of-line freak dickish whiny hellish hurting ignorant idiotic bad common friendless bitchy worthless hurtful dishonest selfish ugly cheating

Enormous list of occupations and jobs 

Stuntman Sheepherder shepherd Dog walker Mascot Dog trainer Mortician Dog trainer Mortician  lion tamer Accountant Actor Acupuncturist Administrator Advertising executive Air traffic controller Aircraft engineer Anaesthetist Animal breeder Anthropologist Antique dealer Archaeologist Architect Archivist Aromatherapist Art critic Art dealer Art historian Artist Assembly line worker Astrologer Astronomer Au pair Auctioneer Auditor Author Baggage handler Bailiff