Book cover designs

Please contact me at if you would like me to design a custom book cover.  Any of my existing images can be expanded to cover image size, or I can create one from scratch.  If you use one of my royalty free images and want to credit my work, just link to the page you downloaded it from, and my artist username is PRETTYSLEEPY. If you’d like to contribute money for my time, I accept tips through PayPal (click here to tip).

I have two Pixabay accounts: Prettysleepy & Prettysleepy2 if you’d like to see my creative commons images. Creative commons means that the images are free for commercial or personal use without artist attribution.

Concept Cover Designs Using Free Stock Images

These are a few examples of basic cover designs that I put together with the stock photos available on where all illustrations and photos are free for commercial or personal use (no artist/photographer attribution required). 

FYI: The book titles are from my randomly generated book title post, and the author names are from my randomly generated name post.

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