Printable Mad Libs: New Video Game Release

Download the printable video game Madlib in PDF here.

The New Video Game Release


After months of ___________________(adjective) hype, the long-______________(verb ended in ed) video game ______________(verb ending in ing) _____________________(adjective) ________________(plural noun) was made available to the gaming ________________(plural noun). People all around the globe had _____________________(verb ending in ed) months upon _________________(plural noun) for it to come out and the time had ________________________(adverb ending in ly) arrived!


In a ________________(adjective) town in ___________________(state or country name), two ______________(adjective) teenagers were ____________________(past tense verb) to ___________________(verb present tense) the ________________(adjective) game. They arrived at the _________________(adjective) store and went to the customer _____________(verb) counter, grinning like a couple of ______________(plural nouns).


“We’re here to pick up the new ________________(noun) game. It was just ________________(past tense verb ending in ed) today and we are ____________________(an emotion),” _________________(name) said, smiling at his/her ____________________(adjective) friend.


The clerk, who wore a nametag that read, I’m _________________(adjective) to _______________(verb) you, ______________________(past tense verb ending in ed) the game to the counter, his face ___________________________(adjective). “No problem. That’ll be ___________________(dollar amount). We accept payment in cash, credit or ________________(noun).


__________________(name)  _____________________(verb past tense) the cash over. “Thanks for your ________________(noun), we’ll let you know how ________________(adjective) the _______________(noun) is. Can’t wait to ______________(verb) it.”


The clerk _____________(past tense verb). “I’m sure it’ll be ______________(adverb ending in ly) ____________________(adjective),” he ________________(speech tag, such as said, screamed, shouted, wined).