More funny adjective/noun combos

wicked oil-rich seed
foul sock puppet
tragic guitar string
annoying evil spirits
grievous quantum leap
baleful shoulder pads
heathen legal warrant
spooked burglar alarm
up-to-no-good refrigerator
odious marching band
scary stick figure
grisly couch cushion
gruesome tense system
disgusting older woman
degrading sea cucumber
threatening sneaky snake
irreverent clergyperson
terrifying sea barnacle
ominous chemical plant
abusive bottom layer
horrible opera singer
rude head honcho
low-life legal document
frozen boiling water
lifeless first concern
disgusting secondhand car
divine fourth power
awful breath mint
cold suckling pig
unhallowed toast mistress
nasty primogenitor
pitiful elastic band
nighttime pendulum clock
bereftoflife muddy boots
holy bathing suit
corpselike rat kangaroo
worthless bounty hunter
trembling self-sacrifice
illusory carrot people
haunted mind reader
objectionable saddle horse
invidious fairy lantern
undead administrator
repulsive pizza cutter
contemptible toilet water
infamous crowd pleaser
fear-inspiring jelly
macabre sheered sheep
blasphemous chief justice
sordid kola nut tree
dreadful rouge grandma
fearful wiley coyote
sinful thoughts
disgraceful striped hyena
off-color liquid oxygen
direful mulled cider
dead lemon jelly
bloody railroad worm
cheap loaf of bread
stiff command prompt
defiant baked bread
terrible ferris wheel
crawly representative
alarming caution sign
dirty squash plant
vampiric town planning
repellent romance novel
scared common iguana
disreputable modern times
disguised wiley madman
atrocious revenue tariff
deadly hiking boots
black coffee table
nightmarish child prodigy
ignominious police squad
phantasmal private area
repugnant reading party
filthy fluffy clouds
intense superstition
pale orange crush
spooky organization
masked tissue typing
departed praying mantis
godless belly dancer
low seat warmer
cutting third baseman
uncanny work clothes
pagan eternal life
bad law enforcer
grim street urchin
obscene chalk outline
haunting raspberry bush
irritating allergy pill
chilling aspirin powder
hideous latex glove
costumed miles standish
dark french bread
disturbing hearing aid
bone-chilling ship’s company
frightful chicken stew
haunting negative mood
moonlit trickle trails
insolent suit of armor
phantom fact of life
biting solar furnace
rotten tract of arms
loathsome pink toenails
ghostly upset stomach
nauseating strep throat
supernatural leafy spurge
ghastly people i know
frightening green house
wretched governing body
formidable mother figure
offending self-renewal
shadowy ship’s company
abominable crazy grandma
weird rainbow flag
icky lecherous man
evil scary stories
buried jungle warfare
superstitious thunder legs
offensive christian hero
cowardly hunting ground
startled sweet tailpipe
creepy bushwhackers
lousy orbital plane
unearthly pocket flask
indecent play therapy
horrid double fault
distasteful tissue paper
horrendous dead end road
ghoulish musical chairs
gross hippopotamus
sinister lecherous fern
magical broken printer
abhorrent leg extensor
ungodly book of smut
blood-curdling gaming laptop
slimy sutural bone
dire young fellow
eerie trash truck
menacing baseball fans
obnoxious distribution
base dingle berry
appalling pervasiveness
vile burying ground
detestable nervelessness
horrific birthday cake
unholy pelted orphan
hair-raising cavity search
wraithlike space invader
impertinent olfactory bulb
minacious funeral home
grody sound barrier
mean negative moon
gory gothic romance
desecrating haunted house
violating ways of world
spectral fire hydrant
deathlike working papers
shocking nature trail
no-good tom bombadil
beastly coat of arms
ghostlike troublemaker
distressing small detail
deceased nine states
spiritual snowshoe hare
godawful space emulator
reprehensible class fellow
monstrous skinny woman
mischievous hairy lip fern
strange cardiologist