Funny Nouns with Describing Adjectives

Aboveground Ice Skate
Achy Kneeler
Adolescent Mud Puddle
Allergic Night School
Amble Sawhorse
Ambrosial Avocado
Amish Trash Can
Ankle-Deep Game Show
Anticoagulant Meat Hook
Apple-Sized Oxtongue
Argyle Love Letter
Armpit Bloodstain
Asshole Salisbury Steak
Autistic Pooch
Backstage Peephole
Bald Frisbee
Bare-Assed House Sitter
Barefoot Cigar Box
Barreled Cookware
Beat-Up Neck Bone
Beatnik French Door
Beefy Frogman
Believable Unmentionable
Biting Knitting Needle
Blaring Jellyfish
Bleary Bell-Bottoms
Bleeding Safe House
Blemished Bird Sanctuary
Blessed Tugboat
Boozy Shade Tree
Boring Blue Jean
Botchy Killer Bee
Bothered Ring Finger
Bouncy Cabdriver
Bowery Yorkshire Terrier
Bratty Pothead
Brooklyn Femoral Artery
Brown-Haired Deerstalker
Bucktooth Bobby Pin
Bugged Laundromat
Canine Pushcart
Cardboard Workspace
Catatonic Cigarette Butt
Centurion Weirdness
Charmed Shotgun Shell
Chiseled Body Part
Chubby Lightbulb
Chummy Carousel
Classy Gargoyle
Clawed Doghouse
Clipped Sunflower Seed
Close Booby Trap
Clydesdale Mouthwash
Cobwebby Eyeful
Cockroach Manhole Cover
Coin-Operated Matchbook
Coincidental Dishcloth
Cold Turkey Anticoagulant
Coney Island Soap Bubble
Contortionist Stickball
Coyote Chinchilla
Creepy Peacoat
Crescent-Shaped Jet Engine
Crew Cut Glop
Dark-Haired Paper Towel
Dead End Mascara
Dead Eraser
Dead Set Pliers
Decapitated Cassette
Devil Coffee Table
Dislocated Wine Bottle
Disneyland Teakettle
Doughy Shinbone
Droopy Bag Lady
Drop Dead Ticket Window
Drop Down Pillowcase
Drowsing Geezer
Drugged Fang
Drunk Business Card
East River Dog Bite
Elbowing Electric Chair
Emotionless Shoulder Holster
Encyclopedic Sketchbook
Eyeless Turkey Wing
Fanged Grocery Bag
Fattish Cherry Bomb
Filthy Calling Card
Fizzing Fried Egg
Football-Shaped Hush Puppy
Forgettable Beekeeper
Freedom Fighter Half Door
Frizzy Golliwog
Ghoulish Restroom
Goliath Red Devil
Groovy Flytrap
Grumpy Beauty Shop
Gumming Brass Hat
Halfhearted Fat Cat
Halloween Fire Extinguisher
Ham-Handed Streetlight
Headless Folding Chair
Heart-Shaped Bookworm
Heated Up Honeybee
Heavyset Plant Kingdom
Henchman Away Game
Hi-Fi Death Mask
Hippie Tinfoil
Hobbit Pussycat
Honest-To-Goodness Vocal Cord
Honey-Colored Java
Honeycombed Rice Paper
Horn-Rimmed Hair Spray
Huffy Crossword Puzzle
Hurting Poppet
Hypnotist Deadbeat
Hypnotized Goalpost
Hypodermic Mailbox
Hysteric Bikini
Impermanent Zippo
Incandescent Black Belt
Interlaced Junkyard
Jaybird Trash Bin
Jellyfish Porkpie Hat
Junky Pockmark
Junkyard Polka Dot
Killer Whiskey Bottle
Kinky Afro
Kosher Sweatshirt
Lambskin Steel Guitar
Lapdog Lunkhead
Larger-Than-Life Cedar Chest
Leftover Sense Of Purpose
Licking Electric Fan
Light-Blue Bullet Hole
Light-Headed Night Shift
Light-Skinned Sport Coat
Lipstick Meat Cleaver
Liver-Colored Cargo Container
Living Dead Air Shaft
Locker Nightstick
Longish Life Force
Looney Milk Shake
Lousy Cupcake
Lucky Pied Piper
Macrame Shin Guard
Mannish Hydrant
Mealymouthed Hall Pass
Millennial Counterweight
Mineshaft Penlight
Mismatched Floorboard
Missing Emergency Landing
Mistreated Crew Member
Mixed-Up Moving Van
Moon French Fries
Movie Star Ghoul
Muggy Living Dead
Nasty Meatball
Nauseated Bagel
Necromancer Rabbit Hole
Neighborhood Ventriloquist
Neon Cologne
Night School Squiggle
Nubby Manhattan
Off The Cuff Varicose Vein
One-On-One Tourniquet
Open-Eyed Trench Warfare
Open-Minded Sleeping Bag
Openhanded Letter Opener
Openmouthed Trash Barrel
Outsized Magic Marker
Overdressed Fire Hydrant
Oversexed Soda Can
Oversized Collarbone
Oxtongue Cassette Deck
Paisley Traffic Light
Panicked Penny Dreadful
Peaked Telephone Booth
Peeling Pork Roast
Peeper Porkpie
Personable Werewolf
Pet Bloodsucker
Pretty Ninja
Punk Crawl Space
Pussycat Delivery Truck
Queasy Cassette Player
Quitter Mashed Potato
Ranting Ex-Husband
Ratty Earlobe
Raunchy Tea Set
Ravenous Pair Of Pliers
Razor Bed Linen
Red Devil Hair Gel
Reddish-Brown Ragamuffin
Redhead Marzipan
Redheaded Babushka
Redneck Table Lamp
Reflexive Goose Down
Repetitive Whitefish
Reset Egghead
Retarded Manhole
Rice Paper Pearl Diver
Rolling Fedora
Rotten Preteen
Rust-Colored Dishrag
Samaritan Hot Dog
Scraping Pantsuit
Screwy Lurker
Shotgun Seashell
Singsong Headlamp
Skeletal Windshield Wiper
Skinny Armoire
Sleeping Stage Whisper
Slithering Pot Roast
Slovenian Sideburn
Slowing Papier-Mache
Smallish Tennis Ball
Smelling Dish Towel
Smiley Birthmark
Snaky Excalibur
Sneaky German Shepherd
Snow-Capped Poser
Soupy Water Fountain
Sourpuss Chess Piece
Spaced-Out Butterbean
Spastic Mineshaft
Spattering Dumpster
Spiky Slovenian
Spraying Welder
Squatting Polo Shirt
Squeamish Shortbread
Stabbing Hit Man
Stacked Anchorman
Staring Rubber Band
Starving Curler
Sticking Cockroach
Sticking Out Yodel
Sticky Fingernail
Stinking Kisser
Stinky Roller Skate
Stupid Choker
Sweating Seesaw
Sympathizer Psychopath
Tacky Rearview Mirror
Tatty Worktable
Teacup Beer Bottle
Three-Dimensional Sympathizer
Thumping Plastic Bag
Transistor Baddie
Tunnel Rolling Paper
Uncluttered Bifocals
Uncombed Piglet
Undercut Hypodermic Needle
Underground Spray Can
Undocumented Hardcover
Universalist Cloud Cover
Unmelted Bicycle Pump
Unmentionable Shopping Cart
Unreadable Wolfman
Unreliable Pickup Truck
Unwanted Apocalypse
Unwrinkled Wiper
Uppercut Hiring Freeze
Upside-Down Corn Oil
Vacationing Bathrobe
Ventriloquist Soup Kitchen
Waxy Tank Top
Weakling Birdcage
Weird News Article
Werewolf Engine Block
Whacked Britches
Whiskery Paper Plate
Wilting Lambskin
Wise Guy Baby Tooth
Wolfman Countertop
Worktable Pain Threshold
Wormy Crew Cut
Yankee-Doodle Cowboy Boot
Yelling Paper Clip
Yellow-Gray Rock-And-Roll
Yiddish Shaving Cream
Yugoslavian Cursive Script
Zombie Doorknob