About the Blog

Students & Writers.com

Studentsandwriters.com started as a News and Trivia blog in 2006. That blog is still available at http://trivia.studentsandwriters.com and is full of odd bits of news from the past fifteen years or so. About five years ago when my word lists took off, I moved them to their own page. Students and Writers consists of wordlists, randomly generated, mad-lib style sentences, and some of my HTML5 widgets.


I write fiction and poetry, which is where the word lists got started. My other hobbies are webpage design, art and creating html5 widgets using the program Hype3. Examples: Absurd Notice GeneratorWord Fun WidgetUsername Machine: Generates a new username list every time. Random Comment Generator and more to come.


My Art

Click here to learn more about my art and illustrations, and see my gallery of photo illustrations here.

My digital art design "Sci-fi Corridor" has been downloaded over 22,000 times, and it is one of my most popular images.