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Great Word List of Christmas Verbs

acknowledge appreciate attend believe bless carol carve celebrate cook count deck the halls decorate deliver dine donate eat entertain exchange feed gather gift give give praise give thanks hark honor host jingle leave light love nap open overflow party praise pray receive reflect regift rejoice remember roast serve share shop sing snooze snow socialize spike

Huge word list of Verbs ending in ‘ed’

abased abated abducted abjured abraded abreacted absconded absented abutted abled acceded accelerated accented accentuated acclimatized accompanied accrued accursed accustomed ached acid-washed actioned actualized ad-libbed adapted added addicted addled adjourned adjusted administrated admired admixed adulated adventured aerosolized affected affrighted agonized aggregated aggrieved agitated air-conditioned air-freighted air-slaked airbrushed airmailed alienated alighted alkalinized alkalized alligatored alluded aluminized amalgamated